Velvet Variety


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A Nitro Twist on Classic Cocktails

If a velvet malt beverage sounds like simply the bee's knees, that’s because it is. Inspired by speakeasy-era egg-white cocktails, yet crafted without egg-whites, Velvet Variety’s unique concoctions are an easier way to elevate any occasion. Nitro power naturally pours that iconic white crown for a simple, classic touch. A spirited sipper, without pricey spirits. Fancy without the fuss. Just flip, pour and you’re the life of the party. Or—your living room. We’ll drink to that!

ABV 7%

A speakeasy vibe, emphasis on easy.

Three familiar flavors. One unforgettable experience.

Velvet Variety holds three flavor combinations, each inspired by a different classic egg-white concoction. So you never have to compromise.

Tart Lime + Bitters


Subtly sweet with tart lime and bitters, softened by a silky nitro head.

Elderflower + Botanical


Mildly sweet with notes of elderflower and other botanicals, softened by a silky nitro head.

Raspberry + Juniper


Raspberry and bright lemon with a subtle juniper spice, softened by a silky nitro head.
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Shake things up. Without the shaker.

Simply infuse any Velvet with your favorite liquor to add a little extra...class.

  • Golden Velvet Infusions

    Golden Velvet Infusions

    Velvet Pisco Sour
    1oz of Pisco 
    1 Can of Golden Velvet 

    Nitro Margarita
    1oz of Tequilla 
    1 Can of Golden Velvet

    Whiskey Flip
    1oz of Whiskey 
    1 Can of Golden Velvet

  • Pink Velvet Infusions

    Pink Velvet Infusions

    Raspberry Lemonade Flip 
    1oz of Vodka
    1 Can of Pink Velvet

    Velvet Pink Lady
    1oz of Dry Gin
    1 Can of Pink Velvet

    Nitro Punch
    1oz of Spiced Rum 
    1 Can of Pink Velvet 

  • Purple Velvet Infusions

    Purple Velvet Infusions

    Velvet Aviation
    1oz of Botanical Gin 
    1 Can of Purple Velvet

    Elderflower Flip
    1oz of Elderflower liqueur
    1 Can of Purple Velvet

    Nitro Purple Rain
    1oz of Vodka
    1 Can of Purple Velvet

  • Finally. Something deliciously different.


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The good ol’ days have arrived.