Our Mainline represents a broad and balanced portfolio of beers that are available year round.

Nitro Series

Our innovative packaging is nitrogen charged, producing a velvety, cascading head right inside the can. Portable and versatile, it goes anywhere life takes you. No Glass? No Problem. You can enjoy your Nitro Series beer in a glass or straight from the can.


With the changing of the seasons, we bring you something fresh and relevant. In spring, summer, fall, and winter you'll find old favorites and new ones created perfect for that time of the year.

Hop in Hand IPA Series

A rotating IPA series is bursting with so much bright and bold hop flavor, you would think the hops are right in your hand.

IPA Variety Pack

Be it bold, complex, or juicy, our IPA Variety Pack is sure to have a brew for any IPA lover. From our tried and true Hop Peak IPA, to a social bottle release of our newest addition Juice Drop Hazy IPA, this sampler pack is sure to bring you plenty of hoppiness.

Barrel-Aged and Specialty Singles

Our barrel-aged and specialty singles program produces unique one-offs at any given time. These very special releases are worthy of sharing, so we packaged them in larger format 22 oz and 750 ml cork and cage bottles.

Good Company Hard Seltzers

Inspired by the Colorado harvest. From the Western Slope to Rocky Ford, we present five light & refreshing fruit flavors picked for a taste of the harvest season all year round. At only 100 calories, 2 grams or less of carbs, & ZERO sugar this 15 pack has all the taste without the guilt. It’s the perfect party pack - best shared in good company.

100 Calories | ZERO Sugar | 5% ABV | 2g Carbs or Less

Velvet Variety

A Nitro Twist on a Classic Cocktail. Inspired by speakeasy-era egg-white cocktails, yet crafted without egg-whites, Velvet Variety’s unique concoctions are an easier way to elevate any occasion.