Sustainability Initiatives at BreckBrew

Environment & Safety at Breckenridge Brewery

As the 3rd oldest brewery in the beautiful state of Colorado, surrounded by natural wonders, we strive every day to fulfill our passion of making great beer while doing everything we can to give back to Mother Nature.  Our 12 acre campus was built with sustainability in mind. Andrew Dagnan, our Environmental Safety Manager, uses his expertise to oversee our efforts and continued progress in reducing our environmental impact. 



Around Campus

Tools and equipment around the brewery in Littleton, CO help us maintain energy and water efficiency and reach our future goals of further reduction. 

Our vapor condenser reduces aroma emissions as it converts steam to hot water. We capture & use that hot water in the next brew, saving 1500 gallons of water per brew. This process also saves energy as it prevents us having to heat 1500 gallons of new cold water.

Our heat exchanger uses cold water to cool down hot wort prior to fermentation. This turns the cold water hot, which is channeled into the hot water tank for additional water and power savings.

Dormer windows provide natural light in the brewhouse.

LED lighting with motion detection uses less energy.

We run a robust internal recycling and composting program, including sending all spent grain and yeast to a local farmer for livestock feed.

Most packaging materials are made of 100% post-consumer recycled materials.

Our employee-run sustainability committee meets monthly to discover new way to improve our efficiency and lower our carbon footprint. They are on the path to make significant reductions in power, water, and natural gas.


A Brighter Future for Beer

Through our partnership with Anheuser Busch, Breckenridge Brewery participates in the ELEVATE Program. ELEVATE's four pillars, Better Beer, Better Community, Better Environment and Better Industry, help us stay on track to reach our goals in sustainability and safety. 

How We Will Elevate:




5% reduction by 2018


20% reduction by 2020


5% Reduction in 2018

Brewery will run 100% renewable electricity by 2020




> 75% waste diverted away from landfill.

This DOES NOT include the massive amount of spent grains and yeast that we already recycle.

Achieve Zero Waste Certification in 2019


Looking Ahead

Our environmental safety & sustainability project is always ongoing. Here are a few key projects we're working on right now. 


Equipment Upgrades

We're working to upgrading all lighting to LED and installing additional occupancy sensors to automatically shut off lights when not in use.

We're also installing a water reuse system on our bottle filler vacuum pump, saving hundreds of gallons of water.

Energy from the Colorado Sun

We plan to install Solar Panels in the near future, as another part of the ELEVATE program. Our campus is perfect for this renewable energy source thanks to south-facing rooftops and of course, plenty of Colorado sunshine.

Project Shut'r Down

We set up internal employee communication and training to help all employees understand the importance of reporting issues, such as water leaks, and turning everything off when not in use like water, lights, and production equipment. 

Keeping Up with the Community

Staying involved in the community around us is tremendously important. We host and sponsor local events and organizations as much as we can, including our Breck Gives Back program, our Platte River Cleanup every Earth Day, and the upcoming Bike to Work Day on June 27 where we're hosting a water station and a Bike Party here at the brewery.

Stay tuned for upcoming events and ways to get involved. We would love to meet you!