ROVR Cooler


Puncture resistant tires

These coolers ride on 9-inch all-terrain tires mounted on five-spoke aluminum hubs. They’re fast, agile, durable and awesome in sand.

Removable Storage Bin: Pops up to tow stuff like chairs, blankets and tents to your destination. Then collapses into a comfy seat pad that straps to your cooler and provides extra insulation. Detach for easy storage.

Dry Bin:

Engineered with the world's best cooling and organization design on the inside. Organize your goods just like you would in your fridge and keep them dry and between 35° and 40° for up to 10 days.

Dual Cup Holder Attachment

Certified Bear Resistant: Lock points keep beers in and bears out. These coolers have been put to the test and even grizzly bears weren’t able to break into it.

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