What makes Breck IPA different? Among other things, it's the Full Pint malt.

There are many things that make this beer special, but our malt choice is a clear differentiator.  Full Pint malt is what gives this beer its full mouthfeel with a softness that's reminiscent of European pilsners.
Full Pint malt is grown in Wyoming by Briess growers specifically for the American craft beer market.  The high plains region is known for its great barley.  This malt is still fairly new and in short supply, but excitement is building around it because it's so unique and different.  We're seeing other brewers experiment with it in smaller batches.  We jumped in, though, making what we believe is the first major, year-round beer release made with Full Pint. 
The high protein content in Full Pint yields a subtle sweetness that finishes clean and dry.  Sensory comments on Full Pint malt include "full-flavored," "bready," "estery," "biscuity," and "pleasantly clean sweetness."

Let us know what you think of Full Pint malt in Breck IPA: