The Women of Breckenridge Brewery



In October 2018, the ladies of Breckenridge Brewery came together to start the Women in Beer Chapter, dedicated to providing women in the Craft a platform to develop career opportunities, champion ideas, empower one another’s ambitions and inspire the future direction of the industry. In honor of Women’s Equality Day on August 26th, we will be featuring the ladies of #BreckBrew all month, to share with the world the impactful women who work here!


Jen is new (new-ish) to the Breck family but has quickly found a home here. She strives to help make the best, most consistent beer possible while innovating and trying new things. As part of the quality department, she has a hands-on role in this process and the nerd in her LOVES IT!

“Jen is a tremendous asset to the team! Just as long as you don’t interrupt her second breakfast, first snack, second snack, first lunch, third snack or second lunch.” – Eric Adkins, Quality Manager

LAUREN ROADMAN - Pub Support & Admin
Self-proclaimed the “Bazaar Czar”, Lauren is a jane-of-all-trades, working between both the Brewery and the Farm House. She has a role in everything from event planning, pub support, philanthropy and company engagement. As she says, “Working at Breck is more than just a job, it is a home. I have been fortunate enough to find some of the best mentors here and have been able to lean on the team around me for guidance. I wouldn’t be in the position I am today if it wasn’t for the Breck family rooting for me, as well as providing the tools and support I need to achieve my goals. I can’t wait to see what my future holds here at Breckenridge!”

“Lauren is dedicated not only to our company but to our company’s philanthropic duty to the community. She works hard to grow our charitable footprint and takes pride in all aspects of her work.” – Alexa Taylor, Senior Event Manager

ALEXA TAYLOR - Senior Event Manager
Alexa doesn’t climb the ladder, she’s building her own. She has been making waves since starting with the company in 2015. From server, to supervisor, to event planner and today, Senior Event Manager – she truly is the heartbeat of the Farm House. Alexa exemplifies what we all love about working for Breck – passion, dedication, leadership, and support.

As one of first women on the Farm House management team, she has been and continues to be an outstanding role model to the other women at our company.

JULIE BURNELL - Controller
Julie is our OUT of Controller and it is truly a compliment! She manages the financial side of the craft, which covers ALL areas of operations, production, distribution, marketing, sales and the Pubs. Julie joined our team a little over 2 years ago and in her words, “I’ve met some of the best people who are truly passionate about the final product(s) that consumers enjoy, while being conscious of resource consumption (water & energy savings). Without their desire to try to push limits while creating new recipes, there would be no new flavors, methods, or styles of beer”.

“Julie has such an incredible energy, she pretty much bounces around instead of walking and greets everyone with a huge smile and huge hug. She is simply….AWESOME!” – Brooke Jenkins, Regional Sales Rep.

KARI HAMMER-PROPERNICK - People Support Manager
As the head of HR here at Breck, Kari has her day filled with a team of big personalities and frequent humor. She takes it all in stride and is everyone’s biggest cheerleader! She makes sure everyone on the team has the tools and processes in place to not only perform our jobs, but to excel in this unique atmosphere. For Kari, the door really is always open.

Kari’s heart is dedicated to making sure we love our jobs and coming to work everyday!

“We aren’t all so lucky to work with people like Kari, she not only supports us and our goals, but works side by side with us to achieve them!” – Lauren Roadman, Pub Support/Admin

Women in Beer extends beyond Breckenridge Brewery to all of our sister crafts in the Brewer’s Collective. In May 2019, we attended the first Women in Beer Conference at Blue Point Brewing in New York. Ladies from all over the country were in attendance to collaborate and connect on female leadership in the industry. Breck representatives Kari Hammer-Propernick and Lauren Roadman were in attendance and came back with a wealth of knowledge to share with our chapter. We can’t wait to work with our sister chapters on collective Women in Beer initiatives!


BROOKE JENKINS - Regional Sales Rep
Aside from being a hustler in a Hawaiian shirt, Brooke is the never ending emotional support go-to on the team. She always, and we mean ALWAYS, has the teams back. She is dedicated to the company and the brand in a way that is unmatched.

As she says, “Breck was immediately more than just a job for me. Working crazy hours on the sales team, we quickly became family. At Breck, our family is small and fierce and we will do anything to support each other. My favorite memory of working here so far is when I had an event not too far from the brewery and over 50+ Breck people showed up in the gear to support and it was truly magical!”

“You will never get an email from Brooke that doesn’t end with a - thank you so much for all your hard work here, I hope you know how much I appreciate you and working together. – She has truly made my day more than once.” – Lauren Roadman, Pub Support/Admin

Cressey has been at the Farm House since the location opened in 2015 and has worn multiple hats over the years. From server to bartender to private events, and now her recent promotion to Bar Manager! She is known as the sweet and sassy one who is always willing to help out the team!

As she says, “Working in the Farm House and seeing the growth of the restaurant and Brewery brings me a sense of pride that I haven’t felt at other jobs. I am so grateful for the opportunities. What I find most rewarding about this company, is no matter how big we get, there is still a sense of family and a unified drive to be excellent.”

“Cressey remembers everyone's name. How she does it is beyond me but guests could have come in only once, months and months ago, and Cressey strolls right up and greats them by name and provides a one-of-a-kind guest experience that is never forgotten. She goes above and beyond to make sure anyone and everyone that comes through the Farm House doors leaves feeling like family.” – Brooke Jenkins, Regional Sales Rep

KATIE BROWN - Regional Sales Manager
She may be small in stature but she is nothing short of a dynamo everywhere else! As our home team sales manager, she is a magical force and a true mentor to many. Katie coaches, teaches and works with her team every step of the way. Katie extends her support by making herself available to her team at any and all crazy hours of the day and night! Need some professional advice at 1am? Katie’s got you covered.

“She is the kind of badass boss lady that would stand in front of bullets for her people and that makes anyone on her team want to do the same thing for each other and her.” – Brooke Jenkins, Regional Sales Rep.

MIRANDA EMMONS - Brand Ambassador
Miranda is the ultimate creator of smiles and it’s not uncommon of the see her sprint from one side of the room to the other just to give you a hug and share a laugh! As part of our events/festival team, she knows how to role with the punches and create a unique experience for our extended Breck family in the community.

Starting with the company over 4 years ago, Miranda has worked her way up, over and through to be a part of the team. She says, “I had to show that I was able to keep up with the boys by lifting and moving kegs, gaining more beer knowledge and learning the equipment we use. Thanks to my mentors, I can now confidently talk about beer, I know how a jockey box works, and I can keep up with the boys moving kegs! I worked hard to get here and will keep working hard, if not harder, to achieve the next goal!”

Suzanne is our BADASS brewer at the pub in Breckenridge. Having been a part of the Breck family for almost 16 years, we treasure her more than words can describe. Starting behind the bar and moving her way up, she had made a name for herself not only within the company, but in the community as well.

“One Sunday almost 3 years ago, I was asked to join the brew team, and my future at the pub became very clear to me. As the only female brewer in Summit County, the position has taught me so much about all things beer, opened the door to world wide opportunities to be a part of an awesome family of smart and motivated brewers. It has given me strength and confidence as a woman in a male dominated profession. I am able to interact with my bar costumers on a whole new level, explaining processes, ingredients and the nuances of different styles of beer in ways I couldn't before I became a brewer. Meanwhile, baffling most on how a girl could know so much! I've come so far as a brewer and a woman in the last 3 years thanks to the Breckenridge Brewery and my family here, and it's only the beginning.” – Suzanne Nance, BADASS Brewer, Teacher and Mentor

“Having a bartender that also brews is invaluable. She is on the front lines with guests all day, is super stoked to talk beer (many that she made) and being super knowledgeable about every part of the brewing process blows the average beer geek away. She is the Total Package. She is a such a hard worker and team player, she inspires us all to work harder. Maybe one of the best hires I’ve ever made. And now a dear friend. Family! Every server/bartender should learn how to brew, and many have brewed with her since!” – Jimmy Walker, Innovation Brewer

We are a group of passionate and dedicated women, who want to have a positive impact on the community around us. In the past, we have packed food orders with @FoodBandoftheRockies, brewed a beer with proceeds supporting a scholarship at @MetroStateUniversity for a female in the Beer Industry Program, and are currently helping build Wyatt Academy’s first library.

SHARIE DEVINE - Logistics Coordinator
Shari has worked for Breckenridge a little over 4 ½ years. She was initially hired to assist with our transition from our Kalamath facility to the Littleton facility. Her attention to detail and organizational skills set her apart and when she proactively scheduled weekly “status update” meetings everyone working with her knew she would become an integral part of our business and success moving forward. Shari’s current role is Logistics and Compliance Coordinator and she handles everything from new label approvals and new brand release timelines, to weekly logistics scheduling and inventory level management. She is the first one to volunteer if any department is asking for assistance and she loves cross training with the other departments to expand her knowledge base in the industry as a whole. Shari’s current favorite beer is Strawberry Sky and she never misses an opportunity to raise a pint with her fellow coworkers and enjoy the “fruits” of our labor.

COURTNEY LUSTER - Supply Support
Courtney joined the Breck team as a host in our Farm House Restaurant and has worked hard ever since to make a name for herself here at Breck. She was quickly promoted to the hospitality team, helping manage the day-to-day. Courtney continued to use her creative insight for our webstore and helped lead the tour program with grace. We are beyond lucky to have Courtney on our team and cannot wait to see her grow in her newest position in the Supply and Logistics Department!

“Courtney is my go-to when I need help, insight or a little moral support. She is a valuable part of the Breck Family and we are lucky to have her on the team!” – Lauren Roadman, Pub Support/Admin

SARA BARNETT - Supply Chain Manager
Sara has proudly worked for Breckenridge for 14 years! She has performed every job there is to offer here, from pouring beers in the tap room, to being a tour guide, transferring to marketing & sales, and now her “home” in the Supply & Logistics Department. In Sara’s words, “I’ve had the opportunity to craft the job I want and surround myself with the best team of people in the business. No two days are alike and because of that, I am ever evolving as a person and manager. Breckenridge is more than a company to me, it’s a family and that comradery motivates me every day!”

“Sara is one of the best is the “biz” and is widely recognized for her hard work, dedication and mentorship.” – Lauren Roadman, Pub Support/Admin

“Barnett is the glue of the Breck family. She has one of the hardest jobs in the brewery because she has to keep the sales team happy and production flowing. But one of the greatest traits about Sara is you will rarely, if ever, hear her complain. Instead all you hear from her is ‘let me figure out a way to make that happen’. What a badass! And that would be enough right there but she goes a step further to make sure all our out-of-state team feels connected and never like islands. She is the first to take an extra minute to share a story and a smile. We pretty much won the lottery when Barnett joined the Breck family.” – Brooke Jenkins, Regional Sales Rep.

AMBER COLLINS - Event Planner & Supervisor
One of our OG’s at the Farm House, Amber is the definition of a go-getter! She knows what she wants and she goes for it. Amber is a vital part of our team, always the first one to lend a helping hand, come in early and stay late, and she continues to crush all day, every day with a huge smile!

“Amber is my overall MVP. From bartending, to supervising, to event planning, she’s honestly the Swiss army knife of the Farm House because she does it all!” – Josh Dauenhauer, Sales Rep.

Career opportunities, leadership, education AND safety is what we are about here at Breck. Starting in 2018, a local Ju Jitsu studio has hosted self-defense classes for the ladies of Breck and we couldn’t be more appreciative of the opportunity to learn about personal safety and self defense. No matter how awkward the position is or how many laughs we share learning to moves, we all come away from the sessions feeling more confident of our physical abilities and ability to protect ourselves!

Bridget started as a Sales Rep in our very hometown of Breckenridge and has since moved to Denver to dominate the stomping grounds of downtown! She is known as the “hostess with the mostess” for her energy and enthusiasm. Bridget is always lending a helping hand, no matter where or when - if you are in need she is there to support you!

“If you want into a bar in her territory, everyone knows who she is, that is how contagious her personality is! – Miranda Emmons, Brand Embassador

KATIE BRAME - Banquet Events Captain
Katie runs the show for our private events and does so with perfection and style. She has molded her position as Banquet Captain to be a leadership role and a vital part of the events team at the Farm House. In other words, we don’t know what we would do without Katie!

“Katie has the perfect combination of spunk and patience, making her a force to recon with. In the most difficult situation, she can swiftly make a decision with grace and elegance. A true role model and supportive team member.” – Lauren Roadman, Pub Support/Admin

Shannon really sweetens the pot at the Farm House. No really, she works hard to provide our guests with down home, great tasting desserts! She enjoys the challenge of incorporating our craft brews into elements of each dessert, in ways that tantalize the palate and keep you coming back for more!

“We love working with Shannon. She brings a smile to work everyday and makes everyone around her feel extra appreciated.” – Lauren Roadman, Pub Support/Admin

MAGGIE STILL - Social Media Coordinator
Maggie is the newest addition to the Breck family and we are thrilled to have her join our team! As the social media coordinator, she gives the company and the brand a voice; an extremely important job that she does with a smile and grace.

“Maggie walked in day 1 and jumped right in like she has worked here for 10 years. Shy is not a word to describe her. Maggie didn’t ease herself in, she dove straight first into the job and the team. We all instantly felt the connection with Maggie, like she was always destined to be in the Breck family!” – Lauren Roadman, Pub Support/Admin