The Newest Addition to the Breck Family: Hop Peak IPA

We're on a new high welcoming the latest addition to the Breckenridge Brewery mainline selection: Hop Peak IPA. Available year-round, we're thrilled to offer this bold, aromatic ale to those who crave hops, aka "the spice of beer."


No stone was unturned in our trek to the peak - we went to the ends of the brewing earth to discover every possible modern technique and innovation that could help us reach the pinnacle of IPA brewing. 

Whole Cone Hops

First, let’s talk hops. A pretty essential ingredient in an India Pale Ale. In the pursuit of that intoxicating hop smell, we selected two hop varieties for their powerful aromatic qualities: Simcoe and Citra. Simcoe is known for it’s highly-desirable complexity, combining woodsy and fruity characteristics, and Citra for - you guessed it - strong citrus notes for that refreshing kick we’ve come to know and love in an aromatic IPA.

For Hop Peak we used whole cone hops, meaning the cone and leaf structure was fully intact during the brew process and we use every part of this glorious beer flower. Getting the most out of these whole cone hops called for a unique addition to the brew process. 

The Hopback

Our brewhouse got a shiny new toy and Hop Peak gave us the perfect chance to play. The Hopback is an innovative piece of equipment made specifically for brewing whole-cone hoppy masterpieces.

Here’s what happens. While we’re still on the hot side of things, after the boil and immediately before cooling and fermentation, the wort is rushed through this vessel that’s filled with our Citra and Simcoe whole cone hops. Every bit of this hot, soon-to-be-beer liquid soaks in the maximum of hoppiness, capturing unique aromatic qualities that are normally driven off during boiling.

Dry Hopping

Our voyage to the Hop Peak crosses the bridge to the cold side. The hopback has worked it’s magic, but there’s more to be done to make it to the summit.

Dry hopping is when hops are added to the fermentation vessel, towards the end of the entire beer-making process. Again, this allows the hop flavor - and, more poignantly, aromas - to stay strong throughout the beer’s journey and to remain prominent once reaching the final destination: your glass. Since we were reaching for that peak aromatic IPA, Hop Peak was dry hopped TWICE, using another one of the brew world’s latest innovations. 

Lupulin Powder 

Enter: Lupulin Powder. We went the extra mile and dry hopped with this beyond-crucial ingredient.

Lupulin is the resin and aromatic oil found inside the whole cone hop leaves. Brew scientists found a way to separate this from the more vegetative part of the hop flower. So, what we get is pure Lupulin Powder — the most concentrated version of hop flavor and aromas. We used Citra lupulin powder to achieve the best possible citrusy aromas, without adding more grassy, resin flavors that come from the vegetative part of the hop. We add a ton of this bright green powder to Hop Peak while in fermentation and BAM! All those amazing fresh hoppy aromas are infused and ready to please the hop-head in us all.

So, after a few trials with these innovative methods and ingredients we give you Hop Peak: a refreshing, golden IPA with citrus aromas and courageous hoppy flavors. Reward yourself for all of life's summits. 



The Release Party: Urban Peak to Peak


We're celebrating Hop Peak here in Denver with a little rooftop bar hike on Thursday, May 10th starting at 7pm. We'll begin at

Historians Ale House and then trek to Irish Rover Pub. Come out for beers, hop-inspired trail snacks, sky-high photo hops and more.

See you on top of South Broadway!