As leaves turn and begin to fall, and the inevitable arrival of snow commences, excitement and anticipation for Opening Day of the winter sports season emerge across Colorado. For the seventh year, Breckenridge Brewery and Never Summer Industries have teamed up for the month of November to celebrate this special time of year. The two Colorado companies have collaborated to create another limited edition, Artist Series snowboard, which will be distributed to bars throughout the United States and given away at unique Opening Day parties. 

Every snowboard in the Artist Series is the creation of a different Colorado artist. Each piece brings a unique perspective, inspired by that unrivaled mountain vibe where we all call home.  

MEET THE 2019 ARTIST: Kal Urso
Kal is the Trade Marketing Manager here for Breckenridge Brewery and has already created many things you have seen for the Brewery, you might just not know it! Kal tapped into his creative juices to create this awesome board for 2019 that will surely make your friends jealous out on the slopes.

I draw a lot of my inspiration from my surroundings here in Colorado. By constantly taking pictures and taking notes of places that inspire me I’m able to come back to them when i’m ready to start creating a new piece and compile them together to create a collage of an idea.

When coming up with my art piece for this years Artist Series snowboard I took inspiration from the outdoors and everything that the great state of Colorado has to offer. By combining the beer and art culture that Breckenridge Brewery has created I wanted to showcase how they go hand in hand along with the great outdoors.

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The best part? These boards are made for YOU. Across the country, we're hosting special events and giveaways to give you a chance to upgrade your ride this winter.

Where there’s #breckbrew, there could be a snowboard giveaway. Look out on our socials and follow the #breckbrewopeningday hashtag below to find out about giveaways in liquor stores and bars near you.

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Thanks to the modern wonders of technology – you can win this board from wherever you are. It’s easy. Since you’re on our website and you’ve already read this far, we think it’s only fair we get to know you a bit - and how you prepare for that fresh, cold-air winter kick-off we call Opening Day.

Show us how excited you are to hit the slopes. How you get ready for the season. Include a #breckbrew beer or two or seven. Post a photo or video to Twitter or Instagram with hashtag #breckbrewopeningday. Those are the only rules.* Ready, set, go.

November 15: 
Punch Bowl Social, 7:15pm

November 16: 
- Abbey Tavern 7-9pm

November 27:
- Hilltop Tap House, 7:30-9pm 
- Takoda Tavern, 6-7:30pm
- On the Rox Sports Bar and Grill, 4-5:30pm

December 1:
- Cherry Cricket at Blake Street 

December 12:
- 20 Mile Tap House, 7-9pm

December 14:
- Watering Bowl