Nitro Vanilla Porter - New Spin On A Classic

This week Breckenridge Brewery introduces a delicious new way to enjoy Vanilla Porter: Nitro Vanilla PorterInfused with a combination of nitrogen and CO2 gases, this beer delivers a mellow, velvety version of Breckenridge Brewery's classic Vanilla Porter. Nitro Vanilla Porter, NVP,” is the largest nitrogenated beer release in Breckenridge Brewery's history, hitting major markets this week with 400 committed retail draft accounts across the country.

"This beer will broaden the reach of Vanilla Porter," says Todd Usry, Brewmaster and General Manager of Breckenridge Brewery. "Nitro beers offer a different palate experience that we think will intrigue current Vanilla Porter enthusiasts while bringing others to enjoy our recipe.”

This new nitro draft offering will not replace the classic CO2 version. "Vanilla Porter has had a cultish following since it first started pouring at our mountain brewery in Breckenridge, Colorado," says George O'Neill, Sales Director for the brewery. "We wouldn't dare replace it. NVP presents a distinctly soft, smooth mouthfeel; it's a highly drinkable dark beer."

Testing in various markets produced extremely favorable results and created immediate demand for NVP. The brewery is conducting a phased release to avoid out of stocks. Initial distribution is to Colorado, California, Illinois, Ohio, New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, Florida, and Texas. Next quarter the brewery will include additional states.

Nitro-infused beers are not new to the Breckenridge Brewery portfolio. For years, locals to Colorado have enjoyed Thunder Stout (nitrogenated Oatmeal Stout) in select locations. With its significant investment in R&D and new equipment, the brewery will continue to roll out more nitro beer options.