Nitro Chocolate Orange Stout - our gift to you on International Stout Day

Happy International Stout Day! We are happy to share on this special day that Nitro Chocolate Orange Stout is back again this year now through January! This seasonal release in our Nitro Series is a roasty stout brewed with orange zest and locally sourced Cholaca, pure liquid cacao. These traditional holiday flavors are topped by the velvety texture of the nitrogen head, making Nitro Chocolate Orange Stout the perfect wintertime indulgence.

Roasted malts complement the chocolate and orange flavors. Mandarina Bavaria hops, a recently developed hop variety from Germany, impart subtle tangerine aromas, enhancing the citrus notes of the beer.

Nitro Chocolate Orange Stout is available in packs of four and draft where Breckenridge beer is sold.