New Year, New Beer: Snow Glare Hoppy Wheat Ale

It’s officially winter, and here in Colorado we get pretty pumped at the sight of those snow covered mountain peaks. We break out the layers and the skiis and we relish in that winter chill — craft beer in hand. But as these cold, short days slowly begin to lengthen, and the sun starts to get a little stronger, we can’t help but also look forward to the inevitable promise of warmer weather.

We know we're not alone in our embrace of these transformative months. So we brewed our new seasonal, Snow Glare, with an unconventional combination of a classic wheat ale and a tropical hoppiness, enhanced in the hop-back. We wanted to take that exhilarating feeling of impending change, and put it in a beer.

If you’re a dedicated Breck drinker, you’re probably thinking “wait, you already had a hoppy wheat ale.” And you’d be right. Last year we brought you Ophelia. This year, we added some extra hop aromas using the hopback and a double dry hopping method, so the liquid tastes like something new — and even better. Plus, given the opportunity to redesign our packaging, we decided to introduce this hoppy wheat ale in new a light - or glare, if you will.

Snow Glare Hoppy Wheat Ale is a soft American wheat ale with a bright burst of hops that took inspiration from sunshine reflecting off melted snow during winter’s surrender to spring. Grounded by malted wheat, Snow Glare's medley of Mosaic, Centennial, and Palisade hops brings tropical and floral aromas and a crisp finish.

So when you're cool with winter but also thirsty for spring, this hoppy wheat ale helps embrace the in-between.