New to the Small Batch Series: Imperial Plum IPA

Our Small Batch Series is known for beers like our 471 Double IPA – beers with fortitude. These big, bold beers take time to make. We dote over them, nurture them, and they may only come out occasionally. Imperial Plum IPA has earned its place in the Small Batch Series, and it’s available now for a limited time.

Imperial Plum IPA’s alluring copper color promises distinctive flavor, and Imperial Plum IPA delivers. It is elegant and memorable. A complex maltiness makes this 9% (ABV) Imperial IPA smooth and balanced. Plum puree adds dark fruit sweetness that gives this beer its mellow, mature character. Fruity, floral aromas combine with whiffs of spice and citrus from the hops. While abundant with malt and fruit, Imperial Plum IPA ends with a clean, dry finish.

It takes a special beer to wear the Small Batch logo, and Imperial Plum IPA is just that: special. Look for it in four-packs where Breckenridge beer is sold. But get on it, because when this batch is gone, we're plum out.