International Women's Day - Boochie Mama

In honor of International Women's Day we give you: Boochie Mama! Our fierce female brewer Suzanne, along with the ladies of our Women In Beer chapter, brewed Boochie Mama a kombucha inspired kettle sour beer. $1 of every pour is donated to fund a scholarship for women in the Beer Industry Program at Metro State University! 

 On January 23rd several ladies ventured up to Breckenridge to brew with the wonderful Suzanne. 

THE BEER: A kombucha inspired beer. A kettle sour aged on matcha green tea, gunpowder loose leaf green tea, pineapple & ginger. The sweet and earthy taste of the green tea will pair well with the tartness of our kettle sour and infuse a kombucha like base to our beer. The spicy bite of ginger, combined with the tropical sweetness of pineapple, will ignite the taste buds. The matcha, packed with antioxidants and energy-boosting qualities, combined with the anti-inflammatory and stomach-soothing effects of ginger, will make a beer that is good and good for you! (Well, it's still a beer 😉 but a 'better beer' for you.)

Interview with Brewer Suzanne Nance

What inspired you to brew a kombucha beer?
My husband & I got into brewing Kombucha last year and are very intrigued by the science behind it. Quickly I became interested in how the flavors we have created with our home Kombucha could translate into beer. From here grew Bootie Mama, a Kombucha Inspired Beer. I brought home 5 gallons of the wort from brew day and am working on a little home side project with our creation also.

Tell us a little bit more about the collaboration with Matcha company?
Matcha Source is a company based outside of LA that is woman founded and women run. Alissa, founder/owner, has been an integral part of how we included Matcha in the brew. She not only supplied us with the best quality Matcha but has also been incredibly helpful with her knowledge of this tea, its health benefits and how/when to use it on our collab.

What is the taste profile of the beer, - is it similar to anything out there?
This beer is a kettle sour that was fermented on pineapple puree, Gunpowder loose leaf green tea, and fresh minced ginger. It was then later conditioned on Matcha Green tea, more ginger & more pineapple. The taste profile is clean & tart, with a bite from the spicy ginger, sweetness from the pineapple and a bit of earthy sweetness from the Matcha tea. As the beer warms up, all these flavors really shine. There are other Kombucha inspired beers on the market, which all helped in forming the ideas behind this beer, but of course, ours will be a unique blend of different ingredients!

How was the brew day on Jan. 23rd?
The brew day was full of inspiring women from all over our beer industry, coming together to offer individual qualities that tie in the spirit of collaboration. It was educational, fun, goofy and team building, with a little sweat and a lot of beer drinking. A true collaboration!

How much education goes into that day?
For me personally, I spend time building the recipe and researching every aspect that is going into the beer. So it is quite the learning experience. On actual brew day, I try hard to educate the ladies on how/why we are doing what we are doing, without boring them too much. I think its the perfect combination of education & fun to keep them wanting to learn more!

Talk a little bit about Women in Beer and how this got started and how many years you guys have been brewing a beer:
Our WIB chapter started 2 years ago with the idea that Breckenridge Brewery has many women working for them and we needed a group that encourages us, as well as others outside the company, to join and excel in the beer community. This is our 2nd annual WIB collaboration brew and it allows us all to showcase our creative side with recipe building, brewing, name creating, branding, marketing, social media, etc. We encourage and inspire each other to learn more about each other’s roles, all while having fun. The proceeds of this beer go to a scholarship at Metro State University for a woman in the beer industry, hopefully showing, leading & encouraging other women to follow their passion in the beer world.