Holidale - A Share-Worthy Holiday Release Returns

Holidale is a branch of the Christmas Ale family tree that's in a class of its own. Each year we set aside a batch of Christmas Ale and then let it rest in whiskey barrels for a good long time - nearly 3 months. The result is an elegant and interesting, boozy, share-worthy sipper. The barrels add notes of oak and whiskey to the soft caramel sweetness of the base old ale recipe. A deep red in color, this special release makes a coveted holiday gift for beer and whiskey lovers alike.

But you certainly don't need to give it all away. Wrap yourself in the warmth of its 10.7% ABV and the comfort of complex and rich flavors.

Holidale is packaged in 22-oz bottles, and though it's a small batch, limited release, it can be found in many states where Breckenridge beer is sold. Check our Beer Locator to find Holidale at a store or pub near you.