Eliza Rita

Women in Beer Brew Eliza Rita for Women's Equality Day 

In October 2018, the ladies of Breckenridge Brewery came together to start the Breckenridge Women in Beer Chapter, dedicated to providing women in the craft a platform to develop career opportunities, champion ideas, empower one another's ambitions and inspire the future direction of the industry. 

For the Women's equality day this year, the women in beer chapter decided to brew a limited-edition beer: The Eliza-Rita. This watermelon-jalapeno sour is named after Eliza Pickett Routt, the first woman registered to vote in Colorado in 1893. Also brewed to honor the 100th anniversary of the 19th amendment, the first step towards giving all women the right to vote

$1 of every pour will be donated to Habitat for Humanity's Women Build Program.

Feature on Brewer Suzanne Nance


In honor of Women's Equality Day on August 26th, we wanted to feature some of the women of #BreckBrew. The chapter answered questions about equality and the women in beer program. 

Question: What does equality mean to you?

"Having a seat at the table because of my knowledge/experience, not because I check a box." - Julie Burnell, Controller  

"Equality means that everyone has potential and are given the same opportunities to develop it. That both women and men can realize ANY dream. Standards are the same in every aspect of life." -- Suzanne Nance, Brewer 

Question: What is the best advice you have ever received OR what advice has always stuck with you?

"Always do your best work because you never know who might be paying attention." -- Katie Brown, Regional Sales Manager 

"If you are not making mistakes, you are not making decisions." -- Rachel Howard, Brewery Hospitality 

Question: Who is your biggest female inspiration? 

"My biggest female inspiration is Shawn Johnson, Olympic gymnast & gold medalist. She is such a strong woman, and inspires women around the world. She has a great attitude and had an incredible comeback in her career as a gymnast. She now inspires others through her social media platforms and podcasts and provides insight into her daily life. She is a loving wife and mom and continues to kick butt in everything she does. Her advice and insight into marriage, work, bettering yourself, etc. is amazing and she's very positive and always seems willing to go the extra mile." -- Nicole Gregory, Sales Rep. 

"Jessica Glenn Reilly (Cousin) and Sarah Kokkeler (Boss) - These women stayed by my side in the hardest part of my life. They picked me up by my bootstraps and showed me love when I did not believe anything was possible. They make me feel strong and capable of dealing with any obstacle that comes my way. People who shape you into the person you have dreamed of being are the people that I want by my side forever." Jody Peterson, Brewery Hospitality

Question: Who is one WIB co-worker you look up to or are inspired by and why?


"Every woman that works at Breck has something that I inspire to. I can not just choose one, unfortunately. I ran through everyone in my head and each one has a trait or quality to them that I want to have and use in my future. I have been learning through Osmosis, and taking little traits from everyone and trying to make sure I can become a better me and a better leader for my future at Breck." -- Miranda Emmons, Brand Ambassador 

"Hands down, Kari, our People Manager. She is like a swiss army knife, handling all aspects of life flawlessly and with a smile. From balancing a full plate at work, to a full plate at home she is absolutely crushing it!" -- Lauren Roadman, Community Engagement Lead