Breck the Halls with Christmas Ale and Holidale!

Breckenridge Brewery today announced the national launch of the popular winter seasonal, Christmas Ale. Each year, Breckenridge Brewery releases Christmas Ale, a full-flavored, well-balanced, heartwarming ale meant to be shared with family and friends during the holidays.

“People look forward to our annual release of Christmas Ale because it marks the start of the holiday season,” said Todd Usry, President of Breckenridge Brewery. “Its strikes the perfect balance of hearty flavors with tradition and cheer.”

An icon for the holiday season, Breckenridge Brewery has brewed Christmas Ale using the same recipe since it was first introduced in 1993. At 7.1% alcohol by volume, Christmas Ale is a strong ale with rich flavors of caramel and chocolate from carefully roasted malts. Unlike other holiday and winter beers on the market, Breckenridge Brewery does not add any spice to Christmas Ale, rather the spicy characteristics come from the Chinook and Mt. Hood hops.

In years past, this special seasonal release has sold out long before the Christmas holiday, but this year Breckenridge Brewery expects to keep up with the high demand. “We’ve increased the volume of Christmas Ale’s production by twenty-five percent,” said Usry.

Breckenridge Brewery also offers Holidale, a twist on Christmas Ale. The same base recipe aged in whiskey barrels, Holidale offers toasted biscuit notes complemented by soft caramel sweetness and hints of oak and whiskey warmth. Last year, Breckenridge Brewery expanded availability of this special release nationwide.

Breckenridge Brewery packages Christmas Ale in a variety of formats ideal for sharing this holiday season. Christmas Ale is available in 12-oz bottles in 6-packs and 12- packs, 5L mini-kegs and draft where Breckenridge beer is sold. Additionally, Holidale is available in 22-oz bottles and is the perfect holiday gift. Both Christmas Ale and Holidale will be available from November through December.


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