Autumn Ale Returns with a New Look!

Autumn is a time to reflect on summer and look ahead to cooler days and longer nights. It's also the well-anticipated time that Autumn Ale returns to welcome fall. This special beer exemplifies the character of the season. Roasted barley and chocolate malt lend earthy aromas, mimicking those of fallen leaves. The warmth of moderate alcohol soothes the soul as the days grow colder. And this year, Autumn Ale returns with a new look. It's updated label and packaging feature layers upon layers of beautiful hand-drawn artwork by Florian Schommer along with eye-catching seasonal colors.

This is the first of our beers to leave the brewery with a new look and feel. For those of you who are close to our Littetlon home, please come join us on September 21st from 4:00 - 7:00 p.m. as we unveil the beauty of this new packaging in an art show at our Farm House restaurant. We've framed the art that grounds these new packages, and we'll be raffling off the art with raffle proceeds to benefit a local art-focused charity.