#KeepBreckInBreck -- Breck Brew Pub Update


In Good Company.
At Breckenridge Brewery, this isn’t just our motto. We live and breathe these words every day at the brewpub on South Main — our home for the past 29 years. It’s home for a lot of people. For the locals coming together to meet friends, old and new. For visitors curious about the best of Breckenridge’s beer scene. It’s home for our staff, many of whom have worked at the pub for decades and have become family.

Which is why we take it personally when someone tries to take it all away. Earlier this spring, as we savored the last few weeks of ski season with the community, our landlord pulled the rug out from under us, abruptly backing out of an agreement to renew our lease, even after we agreed to pay increased rent. In the weeks that followed, the landlord went to great lengths to force us out of our beloved Breckenridge Brewpub.

And, now that landlord has filed legal notice to evict us from our South Main location, the place we’ve called home for the past 29 years.

This just isn’t how we do things in Breckenridge. We pride ourselves on being a place where neighbors quickly become friends. We’re a town where disagreements are settled over a pint, and, at Breckenridge Brewery, we’re proud of our place in this community.

True to our name, the town of Breckenridge is an inherent part of our history and culture. And we’ve worked hard to give back to the town that built us. We created the Summit County United Brewer’s Alliance to bring together fellow breweries to collaborate on innovative beer styles and raise money for local organizations. We support local education programs, give back to veterans, provide wildfire and avalanche relief. Last year alone we donated over $80,000 to nonprofit organizations. And over the years we’ve employed hundreds of residents — we don’t just support the community, we are the community.

It’s a grave understatement to say we are disappointed by the landlord’s repeated refusal to honor our agreement.

Our commitment to our employees and the community is unshaken.

We’ve been here for nearly 30 years and want to be here for 300 more, ideally in the same four walls where it all began.

We have been lucky to call the South Main brewpub our home since 1990 and throughout the nearly three decades we’ve been in business, we’ve been humbled by the support residents have shown us. And we need your support now more than ever.

Come visit us at the pub, raise a glass to your local servers and show you stand with us by writing your favorite Breck Brewpub stories here and sharing this letter to help us #KeepBreckInBreck.

With heartfelt appreciation,
Todd Usry & Jimmy Walker