5 Beers to Serve on Thanksgiving Day

Looking for some Fine Colorado Ales to serve your guests on Thursday? Our very own Chef Nate Gravina recommends these 5 beers to share this Turkey Day. 

1. Pre-game Starter: Agave Wheat

Welcome your guests with an AgaveMosa – a glass of Agave Wheat Ale with a splash of orange juice. It’s light and refreshing, not too filling before the feast, and it won’t slow you down for your TurkeyBowl game.

For the Big Meal:

2. Avalanche Amber Ale

If you’re serving a traditional meal, Avalanche is the perfect pairing. The sweet roasted nuttiness complements any roasted poultry, while being tart enough to perfectly contrast the sweetness of Grandma’s candied yams or the richness of Uncle Ted’s extra buttery mashed potatoes. It brings good body, but isn’t too heavy to sip on during the year’s largest meal. 
3. Vanilla Porter
If you’re going with a smoked turkey this year, Vanilla Porter will be a hit. The smoked bird will accentuate the malts in Vanilla Porter, and the effervescence will help balance the heaviness that comes with most traditional Thanksgiving side dishes. Chef’s tip: Be sure to pour this one into a glass and open up the gas in the beer to bring out the flavors and the bubbles.

4. Brewery Lane Series: Oak Aged Saison  

A popular trend this Thanksgiving is glazed and citrus brined turkey. Oak Aged Saison will be a perfect companion to the turkey, as well as the brine! This saison has a sweet oaky start and a delicious wheaty finish to compliment and contrast in every sip. The Colorado Gewurztraminer juice brings a bright, white grape flavor that will compliment the turkey similar to a Chardonnay, and the strong “bready” finish will perfectly round out the palate in every bite. I recommend going for more savory and creamy sides like au gratin herb potatoes or the ever-famous green bean casserole. This beer is also a great pairing for a smoked turkey, pronouncing the oak age on the beer. Oak Aged SAison will be on my family’s table this year.
 5. Dessert deserves Nitro Chocolate Orange Stout
Stouts are known to pair beautifully with desserts, especially stouts that aren’t too heavy. The flavors in Nitro Chocolate Orange Stout complement fruit pies as well as pumpkin, pecan and sweet potato pies. The smooth texture and creaminess of the nitrogen pairs extremely well with pumpkin pie. If you’re going fruit pie, pick something with a little spice and enjoy how well it pairs with the creaminess of the beer. My recommendation would be a great apple pie or a spiced cherry pie here. Little tip: nitrogen is less filling than CO2 beers, so pick a nitro beer like this one for your final course.