Brewery Lane Series - Oak Aged Saison

Brewery Lane Series - Oak Aged SaisonBrewed with Gewurztraminer grape juice from Colorado

Oak Aged Saison takes the Saison style down a path that only Brewery Lane can lead. Using French Saison yeast and a rich variety of malts, this beer is strong, malty, and amber in color. We brewed Oak Aged Saison with Gewurztraminer wine juice from Colorado’s western slope to impart subtle white grape aroma and bright, crisp flavors of wine. Aging for 55 days in fresh barrels lends oaky depth to the fruity aroma and earthy, spicy flavors. Elevated carbonation, as is true to style, ensures an effervescent quality and a clean finish.



ABV: 10.3%  | IBU:25






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