Brewery Lane Series - Barrel Aged Imperial Cherry Stout

Brewery Lane Series - Barrel Aged Imperial Cherry StoutAged in 50% Whiske Barrels & 50% Port Wine Barrels

We built our new home on Brewery Lane in Littleton, Colorado, to cultivate creativity and nurture innovation. The Brewery Lane Series captures the essence of our ambition. These special hand-crafted ales are bold and adventurous.

Barrel Aged Imperial Cherry Stout showcases interesting complexity and welcoming warmth. Sweet-sour Montmorency tart cherries accentuate dark fruit flavors prevalent in an Imperial Stout. We aged this remarkable beer in 50% whiskey barrels and 50% port wine barrels. Subtle flavors of port marry with the tart cherries while hints of whiskey and oak lend maturity. The blended result is a sophisticated and alluring, memorable stout.

Strong, balanced, flavorful.

Welcome to Brewery Lane.

IBU: 50 | ABV: 9.5%


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