471 IPA Barrel Series: Calypso

471 IPA Barrel Series: CalypsoDry Hopped with Calypso

Our fearless brew staff took on the challenge and effort to have it all — rich oak flavors and aroma from barrel aging, AND a fresh beautiful hop bouquet from dry hopping. We start with the wonderfully hoppy and balanced 471 Double IPA and let it rest in whiskey barrels for a minimum of two months. Then, we put it back in the tanks for dry hopping... and more waiting. Finally we package and bring this unprecedented beer to you. As if offering a barrel aged, dry hopped IPA isn't enough, each new release in the 471 IPA Barrel Series will showcase 150 pounds of a new and specific hop variety for the dry hopping phase.

Dry Hop Variety: Calypso - Crisp fruity aromas of apples and pears.

ABV: 11.6%  |  IBU: 70


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