471 IPA Barrel Series: Hull Melon

471 IPA Barrel Series: Hull MelonDry Hopped with Hull Melon

471 IPA Barrel Series is a labor of love. We not only give our 471 Double IPA the luxury of time in whiskey barrels, we follow that stage with a dry hop treatment that features a new hop variety with each release. We’ve pampered it here, for you to enjoy.

Featured hop, Hull Melon, offers a nice variation from the more common floral and citrus hop attributes. Traces of honey dew melon and apricot accompany the rich whiskey and slightly smoky scents that the barrels lend. Classic oaky flavors from the barrels are present beginning to end, joined by a bit of vanilla and nutmeg.

IBU:70  |  ABV: 9.7% 

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