Rants, Raves and Kudos

Please. By all means, keep 'em coming.

Frequently our patrons and fans email us their thoughts on Breck Brew beers. So, we decided we'd share them with the rest of the world. If you have something to share with us regarding our brews, please let us know (and don't forget the spell check). We'd love to hear from you.

In the meantime, enjoy what your kindred spirits have to say.

Thirsty for an Avalanche Ale.


My name is Jason Gallegos and I'm currently deployed overseas. My home base is Pope AFB in N.C. I was stationed in Colorado for 5 years and grew accustomed to having Avalanche beer whenever I wanted. However, since leaving Colorado and moving to North Carolina, the microbrew selection is pretty weak! For the last 4 months I have been in a country that does not allow alcohol (that’s not natural). And when I get home me and my friend, both from the same base in Colorado and now both in Fayetteville N.C, would love to have some really good Breck Brewery beer. I have tried to place an order through the Class Six (it is where they sale alcohol on a military base) however that has been a problem. So my question is how can I get a case of Colorado Breck Brew to my house in N.C? Any info would be great, as the first taste of beer I want when I get back to the U.S is some tasty Avalanche!! Please help because the Ying Ling beer I had to switch to is like going from fresh Colorado deep powder to groomed, ice packed, weak-ass, no name Appalachian ski hills.


- SSgt Jason M. Gallegos, United States Air Force

The beer snob speaks out.

I have sampled beers from around the world, as well as much of the swill that has escaped the many "mico-breweries" within our own borders. Always willing to try something new, especially when the packaging is particularly appealing, I sipped my first Breckenridge early this summer in the form of your Avalanche Ale. I was thrilled from toe to ball cap. This book, which I had admittedly judged by its cover, was turning into an excellent read. Since then, I have not only sampled, but thoroughly enjoyed each book in the Breckenridge library to which I have access, most recently (gulp, aaahhh) the Autumn Ale. I fancy myself a "beer snob" and am at my happiest when drinking something that few have heard of, and fewer can pronounce. Now, however, I am happily drinking something that can be accessed by many and enunciated by all! Thank you.

- Mike, Waterloo, Iowa

On old friends and big hop flavor.

First, wanted to say thank you for being able to purchase your beer in Indiana again after a long spell of no BB distributed in area stores. My first taste of your Oatmeal Stout felt like hooking up with an old friend that I hadn't seen in a long time.

Next wanted to commend you on your 471 double IPA. It is rare to taste a beer with this much hop flavor on the commercial market. Sure copious hop bitterness is found in many beers, but big hop flavor is largely relegated to the world of homebrewing.

I'd be interested to learn if you are doing a standard first wort hopping or what technique you are using to achieve the fantastic hop flavor effect.

Overall, the 471 is very niceley balanced; the aroma invites you in and the malt, alcohol, and hop profile play together very nicely. Well done.

- Robert, Indiana

The people have spoken.

Just wanted to drop a quick note of GREAT APPROVAL! I have always been of fan of your Avalanche Ale but when I heard you were bringing out a double IPA you had my attention. Wonderful, I can't tell enough people about this DIPA. I printed up a "shelf talker" from for a couple stores here in Austin, TX so people could learn more and draw more attention to it. It worked.... I go in a couple days later. None left. Awesome. Congrats on an amazing brew. Can't wait to make it to CO this summer hop-fully! Keep up the good work!

- Chris, Texas