Cooking with Breck Brew Beers

Agave Wheat Cheese Soup Agave & Ginger Chicken Marinade Oatmeal Stout Beer BBQ Sauce Christmas Ale Pork Chops SummerBright Steamed Mussels Vanilla Porter Milkshake

Yes, friends, you can have your beer and eat it, too.

Our hand-crafted ales can turn your favorite dish into a culinary masterpiece. Don't believe us? Just try any of these delectable beer recipes from our library and taste for yourself. Check back often as we'll be adding new recipes, or join or to be notified when new dishes are added.

Have you created a recipe of your own featuring one of our fine Breckenridge Brews?

to us and we'll perform some taste tests of our own. If your recipe is deemed worthy of our ranks, it just might be the next one we share with the beer loving world.