Mountain Series

In addition to three favorite Breckenridge Brewery varieties, the Rocky Mountain Sampler will include a rotating, limited release Mountain Series beer, exclusive to the new package. Each beer in the series will offer a little something different based on the season, specially obtained ingredients, and whims of the brew staff. The Mountain Series celebrates the brewery’s origin as a small, ski town brewpub passionate about crafting fun and adventurous beers.

Breckenridge Brewery opened its doors in 1990 in charming and historic Breckenridge, Colorado. The brewery started as a beer-obsessed ski bum’s dream – to brew fresh, quality beer for winding down after a long day of play on the mountain. Breckenridge Brewery has since moved its production facility to Denver and become the nation’s 40th largest craft brewery. The original brewpub in Breckenridge still remains and is now the home of the pilot brewery and workshop. The Mountain Series is a collection of pilot, small batch, and seasonal brews which showcases the unabashed creativity and experimentation that thrives in the brewery’s original Rocky Mountain home.

Buddha's Hand

Buddha's Hand

Ideal For Summer Meditations

This Beglian Witbier is brewed with the ancient citron fruit called Buddha's Hand. The tropical fruit is segmented into finger-like sections, resembling the hand of Buddha. A crisp and refreshing ale with a subtle citrus zest.

Beer Style: Belgian Witbier (Wheat Beer)
Flavor: Crisp, refreshing, and slightly citrusy
Color: Hazy Golden
Bitterness Units: 15
Alcohol By Volume: 6%

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Buddha's Hand Micro Brew
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