NVP Nitro Vanilla Porter Colorado Craft Beer


Silky, Smooth, & Sessionable

Our remarkably complex, wildly popular ale combines hints of chocolate, caramel, and coffee with an inventively delicious twist, for good measure. A vortex of flavors made even more alluring by a blast of nitrogen.

Beer Style: Herb and Spice Beer
Flavor: Smooth Roasted Chocolate with a Creamy Vanilla Finish
Malts: Two Row Pale, Caramel, Bonlander, Black, Roasted Barley
Vanilla Beans: From Paupau New Guinea and Madagascar
Hops: Chinook, Palisade, Perle, Golding
Color: Deep Brown
Bitterness Units: 16
Alcohol By Volume: 4.7%
Alcohol By Weight: 3.76%
NVP Nitro Vanilla Porter Colorado Micro Brew
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