Friday, May 22, 2015

Glass and Pass giveaways for Denver Comic Con!

As a sponsor of Denver Comic Con, we've got lots of opportunities for prizes and fun this weekend!


1. Thursday, May 21 at World of Beer LoDo - 6:00 p.m.
1555 Blake Street, Suite 102, Denver
What's happening:
Meet the Brewer
Breckenridge Brewery Tap Takeover, including Hulk's Mash, a refreshing pale ale brewed with pulverized Mango and Mosaic hops
Commemorative Hulk's Mash Glassware Giveaway, while supplies last!
ENTER THE DRAWING for TWO 3-day passes to Denver Comic Con

2. Friday, May 22 at The Monkey Barrel - 8:00 p.m.
1611 Platte Street, Denver

What's happening:
The first of three "Geekender" events hosted by The Monkey Barrel during Denver Comic Con
Breckenridge Brewery Tap Takeover, including Hulk's Mash
Commemorative Hulk's Mash Glassware Giveaway, while supplies last!
ENTER THE DRAWING for TWO 3-day passes to Denver Comic Con


Breckenridge Brewery partners with The 1up to give conference goers a chill place to hang at the Denver Convention Center during the conference.
The Comic Con Cantina features:
Hulk's Mash, the official beer of 2015 Denver Comic Con
Special edition TAPPER video game, with Breckenridge Brewery influence
Ultra-rare WRECK-IT RALPH video game


go to for a map of the following locations:

Denver Comic Con -
All Bar Locations Inside The Convention Center
700 14th St
Hyatt Regency - 650 15th St
Saturday, May 23rd at 4pm
Pizza Republica - 890 14th St
Glassware Giveaway May 23rd, 24th, 25th at 5:30pm / Tap Takeover

Tilted Kilt - 1201 16th St
Glassware Giveaway Saturday May 23rd at 6:30pm

World of Beer - 1555 Blake St
Glassware Giveaway Saturday May 23rd at 7:00pm
Breckenridge Colorado Craft - 2220 Blake St
Glassware Giveaway Saturday May 23rd at 8:30pm
Hard Rock Cafe - 500 16th St
Glassware Giveaway Saturday May 23rd at 10pm / Ticketed Event

Stout St. Social - 1400 Stout St
Glassware Giveaway Sunday, May 24th at 4pm

Illegal Pete's - 1530 16th St.
Glassware Giveaway Sunday, May 24th at 5:30pm

Paramount Cafe - 519 16th St
Glassware Giveaway Sunday, May 24th at 5pm

Marlowe's - 501 16th St
Glassware Giveaway Sunday, May 24th at 6:30pm

Scruffy Murphy's - 2030 Larimer St
Glassware Giveaway Sunday May 24th at 7:00pm

5280 Burger Bar - 500 16th St
Glassware Giveaway Monday May 25th at 4:00pm

1up Lodo - 1925 Blake St
Glassware Giveaway Monday May 25th at 5:30pm

Tarantula Billiards - 1520 Stout St
Glassware Giveaway Monday May 25th at 7:00pm
Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Summer is close, but SummerBright is HERE!

Even though these spring Rocky Mountain storms have been relentless (snow on Mother's Day...again!), fear not.  SummerBright, our seasonal golden ale, is out and ready for your enjoyment.
Crisp, clean and light, SummerBright is the perfect warm weather companion.  Well bodied with a hint of natural citrus, yet just 4.5% ABV, this beer won't slow you down.
We package this versatile ale for portability and sharing, so pick some up in bottles, cans, and 5-liter (1.32 gallon) mini-keg. Yielding 10 pints, the mini-keg is just right for back yard barbecues and post-hike picnics.  You'll also find SummerBright in our can sampler pack all summer long!
Friday, May 01, 2015

Denver Seminary & Breckenridge Brewery

Thanks to the students at Denver Seminary for inviting us to help keep the Lee Gulch trail free of trash!

When we move to our new home on the Mary Carter Greenway trail (commonly called the Platte River bike trail) in a month or so, we’ll be neighbors to the Denver Seminary.  Both of us back up to the trail, and between us runs the Lee Gulch trail.
Monday, April 27, 2015

What makes Breck IPA different? Among other things, it's the Full Pint malt.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Hootenanny After Party & Round Trip Buses From Cervantes

Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom will host the official Hootenanny After Party featuring Anders Osborne. What makes this so conveniently awesome?  We will have buses running round-trip from Cervantes to the Hootenanny in effort to encourage Safe Rides. The buses, supplied by J2G Live, are roomy, comfy, air-conditioned coach buses, and they include a Breck beer both ways.

The bus will pick you up from Cervantes and drop you off at the Hootenanny, and then pick you up at the end of the Hootenanny to take you back to Cervantes for the After Party. The After Party will feature Anders Osborne headlining the Ballroom and a special 25th Anniversary Tap Takeover from Breckenridge Brewery. Two pick-up times are available to choose from, and tickets can be purchased at

Hootenanny After Party Facebook Event:

Information & Ticketing:

Monday, April 13, 2015

Breckenridge Brewery announces 2015 Denver Comic Con beer!

Hulk’s Mash Denver, CO – April 14, 2015 – Since Comic Con graced Denver with its first conference in 2012, Breckenridge Brewery has been a loyal and active sponsor.  Each year the brewery creates a special beer forthe conference, and with friends from Denver Comic Con, it hosts a popular name-the-beer contest through social media.  This year’s knock-out Comic Con beer, “Hulk’s Mash,” will debut Friday, May 1st at The 1up – Colfax at 717 East Colfax Avenue in Denver.  The 1up - Colfax and The 1up – Lodo will have the beer on tap leading up to the conference May 23-25.

The fluid:The beer is delightful pale ale made with mango puree and Mosaic hops.  It sounds mild-mannered, but don’t be fooled.  Mosaic hops produce an aromatic punch of mango, lemon, citrus, and earthy pine scents.  Loads of pulverized mangos heroically balance the hoppy aroma and flavor.
The name:                                                  
As is tradition in March, Breckenridge Brewery hosted its on-line “Name the Comic Con Beer” contest.  From 700 entries this year, 5 finalists were chosen.  Then came a public vote. “Hulk’s Mash,” the clever conception of Jonathan Cooper, rose to the top and became the honored 2015 Comic Con beer name.
The image:
New this year was the label artwork contest, sponsored by Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design.  Students at RMCAD were invited to create label designs for Hulk’s Mash, and artwork by Trevor Plaza was chosen to adorn limited-edition commemorative pint glasses.  The first 200 to attend the Hulk’s Mash release party on May 1 receive a free pint glass.  The glasses and Hulk’s Mash beer will be on sale at the conference.  Select Denver pubs are signed on to carry the beer and offer glasses (while supplies last) during Denver Comic Con weekend.
Leading up to and during Comic Con, Hulk’s Mash can be found at Breckenridge Colorado Craft, Hard Rock Café, Hyatt Regency, Marlowe’s, Paramount Café, Pizza Republica, Tarantula Billiards, The 1up (Colfax and Lodo locations), Tilted Kilt, and World of Beer. 
Denver Comic Con is Denver’s premiere pop-culture fan experience, covering the worlds of comic books, film, and related media. It is also an extension of and an awareness builder for its parent organization, Pop Culture Classroom. This year, the 3-day conference will bring 90,000 fans to the Colorado Convention Center.
Follow Breckenridge Brewery and Denver Comic Con on social media for updates and additional information.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

It’s official – Breck IPA is AVAILABLE

Thanks to all who helped us launch Breck IPA last night at Pub on Penn in Denver!  It didn’t take long to kill our complimentary keg or deplete our supply of t-shirts and other giveaways.  Our appreciation goes out to the fine folks at Pub on Penn for letting us take over their bar.

Thursday, April 02, 2015

Announcing Breck IPA: our newest year-round beer!

Denver, CO – April 2, 2015 
Next week Breckenridge Brewery releases a new year-round India Pale Ale in all of its markets. Simply stated, Breck IPA is what it was designed to be – a stand-out IPA, Colorado style. Breck IPA hits you right away with a distinctively pleasant floral aroma that carries hints of tropical fruit. The bready malt backbone, however, balances its citrus hop flavor and lends it staying power.
Todd Usry, Brewmaster and Director of Brewing Operations, led the brewing team in developing the right recipe for the new year-round IPA offering. “We got a lot of feedback from the market, our sales folks and our production crew on qualities that make an IPA rise above the standard. It was important to stay true to style while differentiating ourselves. That's hard to do in a market segment with so many choices and so many acceptable varieties within the style. We set out to create something extremely aromatic, but more balanced in flavor.”
“We spent a lot of time in R&D with this one,” shares John Jordan, Breckenridge Brewery's Quality Control Brewer. “We played around with some experimental hops and malts in an effort to create something totally different, but not so crazy-different that it excludes itself from much of the market. Some ingredients we kept; others were scratched. It's been a great process – we learned a lot.”
The brewing team found that Mosaic and Cascade hops together lend the aromatic qualities that they sought.  Full Pint malt, a relatively new and rare malt variety, provides a fullness in flavor that compliments the bittering hops.  Full Pint malt is grown in the Rocky Mountain region using watering methods that are more efficient and produce plump, bright barley.  Because this malt is in such limited supplies, not many brewers are able to commit to large-scale, year round beers using it.  Breckenridge Brewery is so pleased with the unique flavor Full Pint adds to Breck IPA that it secured a multi-year contract for quantities of it.
Scrutiny of ingredients was paramount, but so was scrutiny of process. Experimenting with different hop treatments in various stages of production assisted in elevating the aroma and balancing the bitterness of this beer.  “Recirculating hops for an extended period of time in late stages of production was ideal for this beer.  It's labor intensive, but worth it,” added Jordan.  The end result is what the brewery calls a Colorado-style IPA...delightfully hoppy with satisfying body.  Breck IPA weighs in at 6.3% ABV (Alcohol by Volume) and 66 IBUs (International Bitterness Units).
Those in the Denver area are invited to join Breckenridge Brewery at its Breck IPA tap-in party Thursday, April 9th, at Pub on Penn at Capitol Hill (1278 Pennsylvania St, Denver). The party starts at 5:30 p.m. with sampling, complimentary pints, and plenty of giveaways.

With the addition of Breck IPA, Breckenridge Brewery’s year-round portfolio now holds eight beers that include several session beers and styles that range from amber and wheat to stout and porter…and now two IPAs. Lucky U IPA has been a staple in the portfolio since 2009, and it’s not going anywhere. Usry explains, “We created Lucky U to satisfy the call at the time for IPAs with a bunch of hops and a focus on flavor and bitterness. It’s still relevant with a nice aroma and seven hop varieties that cascade across the palate as the beer is enjoyed. Breck IPA is much different and fills a void we felt existed in our year-round offerings. The IPA style has evolved and matured in the US, and this beer is for those seeking out a solid IPA - aromatic, flavorful, balanced, and enjoyable.”
Look for Breck IPA in draft and 12-oz bottles.
Thursday, March 26, 2015

Missed out on last weekend's Collaboration Fest?

Join us for our own Collab 
tap-in party

Friday, 3/27, from 5 p.m. – 7 p.m.
Ale House at Amato's
2501 16th St, Denver, CO

Featuring Breckenridge Brewery collaborations with Starr Hill Brewery (VA) and MadTree Brewing Company (OH)

With Special Guest:  Robbie O'Cain, Brewmaster for Starr Hill

Snow Your Oats, Chocolate Oatmeal Stout - a collaboration with Starr Hill

A rich and smooth stout, made with specially sourced Virginia oats and 200 pounds of dark chocolate from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory of Durango, Colorado

Saison Ridge - a collaboration with MadTree

A dry, spicy saison made with Colorado spruce tips and honey with fragrant spice bush berries from Ohio ~ both refreshing and interestingly complex.
Friday, March 13, 2015



Breckenridge Brewery and nationally acclaimed rock/bluegrass band Leftover Salmon announce a unique beer and music collaboration today. This year, these two kindred Colorado spirits each celebrate 25 years of craftsmanship, so they've come together to formulate a beer that celebrates the milestone.  Packaged in 22-oz bottles with a download code for 25 live songs from Leftover Salmon, the beer will debut at Breckenridge Brewery's annual Hootenanny on July 18th.  Leftover Salmon is headlining the event, which is the first public party scheduled at Breckenridge's new brewery in Littleton, Colorado.

The Music and Beer Conspiracy

Handcrafted beer and handcrafted music – together, as they should be.  The process has begun to create a unique beer recipe that captures the essence of these two native Colorado organizations.  While Breckenridge Brewery is busy brewing and conditioning the jointly developed beer, Leftover Salmon will find time in the studio to compile and master twenty-five outstanding live song performances into an album to commemorate its 25th anniversary.  The album will be released exclusively by download with the beer, bottles of which feature unique label artwork by artist John Vogl.  After the bottle & album release at the Hootenanny on July 18th, the package will be sold across the nation where Breckenridge beer is sold. Read More...